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Wow I had my first massage today with Dustin, but it won't be my last. He spent time with me prior to the massage seeking to understand what I needed from the experience...and then delivered.
The best After I got out of the office I felt like a new person, every inch of my body was so relaxed. Thank you Dustin
Excellent Dustin knows what he's doing, whether you just want a relaxing massage or need more intense muscle work. Highly recommend!
Bev in Palm Harbor
Great Relaxing massage I guess I should have reread my review. Sorry for the misspellings. You are still the greatest!
Bev in Palm Harbor
Great Relaxing massage Thanks Dustin. You got all the kinks out of my back and I fell I'm even breathing better. I feel great toady. PS Congratulations on your new baby
Amazing Another amazing massage with Dustin today. He is top of the line. Can't wait till my next one!
Strong hands! Dustin's powerful hands and technique were the best massage I have ever experienced!
Wonderful! Thanks so much Dustin. Wonderful massage, so relaxing. My first time and I will definitely be back.
Wonderful! Thanks so much Dustin. Wonderful massage, so relaxing. My first time and I will definitely be back.
Calming My first experience getting a massage with Dustin and it was very soothing. He also got rid of the bad stress in my neck and back. I would recommend Dustin. Thanks Dustin. See you again soon.
Beverly Diaz
You Will Be Missed Thank you for the great massage. I know that I and many others are really going to miss you.Good luck to you and your family in your new home. Thanks for all the great massages and if I'm ever in SC, or is it North, I will look you up!
PROFESSIONAL No worries about getting a professional massage from a courteous and caring therapist. Justin is skilled at assessing the muscles and will help you relieve tension and will work to alleviate problems you communicate to him.
Very relaxing! Would highly recommend Dustin. Very relaxing and was an overall great experience!
Joyce Smith
Great massage I just finished an hour massage and I have to say it was one of the best. Dustin used just the right pressure. It was just wonderful. I will most assuredly retrun.
Very Professional Dustin is an excellent massage therapist. He listens to you and gives you what you need in a very professional way. Today was my second time I visited him, and I can't imagine anyone better. I will definitely be a regular customer, and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to experience the best massage ever.
Great deep massage Thanks, Dustin, for your able hands and calm demeanor. You made me feel comfortable at my first massage and did an awesome job taking out some of my many knots in my neck/back/etc. Thanks!
THE BEST !!!! I have had many massages ... I had the start of a headache today at the start of the massage 10 min into it it was gone ..Dustin is the best thanks for a great massage ... Would recommend to anyone wanting a thorough and professional massage ...
Excellent Experience! Professional, attentive,and intuitive, offering a relaxing quiet atmosphere for a wonderful massage with lasting results. Thank you Dustin!
Best massages I've ever had ! Justin applied just the right pressure were needed. Very relaxing. Felt as good as I could after severe back injury 3 mos ago.
Great massage I've had many massages around the world and Dunstin is one of the best.
Best in the country! I've been a travel nurse and have been to many different LMT's across the country. Dustin is hands down the best! All I ever had to tell him was that I work out and am an ER nurse and he knows every spot that needs work! Deep enough pressure to fix the issues, smooth technique to make it an enjoyable experience, and great communication. Flexible and accommodating with scheduling and got me right in today being back in town for the weekend! Thanks, Dustin! People, seriously, don't waste your time and money elsewhere!
The best massage ever I came in with a very stiff, painful neck and upper back. In 60 minutes of deep tissue massage I had no more pain. I have had many massages and Dustin rates up there in the top 2!!I already booked my next massage!!
Birthday Massage! Receiving a birthday massage, from Dustin, was of Bliss.
Magical, Comfortable and The Best ! My neck and shoulders r much better tonight. C u soon!
Absolutely AWESOME !!! Truly MAGIC hands! And the neck stretching felt incredible! I'm hooked on you and your technique!! Looking forward to seeing you again on Monday! Thank you!
Always amazing Dustin is knowledgeable, professional and I never want the massage to end. I always feel better mentally and physically after a massage with him. He comes highly recommended!
2nd Time This is my 2nd time getting a massage from Dustin and does not disappoint. By far the best massage I have ever had. Feel like a new person after just one hour. Thanks Dustin!
Mary David
A newly found gem for me It made a lot of sense to me when Dustin said "I start off with you lying on your back." You could instantly feel the tension releasing as he started his unique therapy technique. I have never in the many years that I had been getting massages experienced such technique. I actually set up an appt to return in 4 weeks but I want more sooner. Dustin, I plan to move my appt up. Thank you so much for a great experience. Glad to have you as my new therapist.
Always Relaxing Dustin is truly a professional and by far the best massage therapist I’ve ever been to. He has amazingly strong hands & definitely knows the trigger points to relieve pain quickly! I’ve been going to him over 2 years, he always makes time around my stressful schedule to work out my knots and relieve my migraines.
Amazing Dustin is highly qualified to relax your body and give it that rejuvenation that it needs after the every day stressors in life. He is professional, thorough and courteous. He is definitely one of the best masseuses I've ever worked with..
Amazing Once again I feel so much better after my massage! He always lets me vent first by chatting and letting everything out then he does his magic. I have a very stubborn back and he makes it feel better every time!! Thanks again!! You are truly the best' nn
Dawn Roxane
Amazing I have seen several massage therapists & Dustin is by far the best in his field.Thanks Dustin!
AMAZING! I try my best to get a massage at least once a month. I tried Dustin for the first time and I have to say that it was THE BEST massage that I have ever experienced. I don't think that I could get another massage from anybody else after experiencing Dustin's wonder hands. HE is extremely professional and knowledgable. HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM! simply the best!
Amazing! I found Dustin through a Groupon and am now a regular client. He is by far the best LMT I've ever had. His techniques are soothing at the same time as working out the tightness. I'll never buy another Groupon because I have found my therapist -Dustin!
Kenneth J.
Amazing!! I can honestly say that I got the best massage of my life today! It was the perfect birthday gift, I felt completely comfortable and relaxed during and after my session. Dustin has definitely mastered the art of massage therapy and I can't wait for my next appointment. Thanks again man!!
Amazing Massage I have had many massages through the years, but Dustin definitely has a special gift. He is very courteous and professional. I would definitely recommend Dustin and I look forward to the next massage!
Jennifer Barbaro
Amazing massage every time! Dustin always listens to what is going on with you & always gives an amazing massage. I always leave feeling restored & relaxed. Truly the best!
Awesome Was tensed up, Dustin brought me back to a relaxed back...
Amazing massage- best I've found in Florida Dustin is always professional, listens to what you need, and always leaves me refreshed and relaxed. So thankful to have found him.
awesome! Dustin is great, didn't realize how bad I felt until after my massage! He puts you at ease, great if your a talker or the quiet type, definitely recommend him highly!
Awesome!! Fantastic massage, can't wait to schedule my next one!!!
AWESOME and PROFESSIONAL Went to have my first massage from Dustin at his Salon Suite this afternoon. What a professional Dustin is - he is very intuitive and knowledgeable. I have been under a great deal of stress/pressure of late. By the time I left I was SO RELAXED and pain free. THANK YOU DUSTIN A JOB WELL DONE!
Awesome Relaxation Massage I had a great relaxation massage, I explained my problems and he gave me the perfect mix of pressure and stretching to ease and relax my sore muscles! Two thumbs up.
Grit F
Best in Pasco and Pinellas He is the best . I have constant issues due to riding horses and a desk job.. And have tried other LMTs just because I am about 45 min away from this location. There is no better deep tissue massage .. I feel like a new person when I leave there.. And be happy to travel just because it's worth it.
Grit F
Best in Pasco and Pinellas He is the best . I have constant issues due to riding horses and a desk job.. And have tried other LMTs just because I am about 45 min away from this location. There is no better deep tissue massage .. I feel like a new person when I leave there.. And be happy to travel just because it's worth it.
Best Massage Ever First time with Dustin, and I will definitely be back. He was Amazing!
Consistently excellent I highly recommend him.
Competent, professional, caring excellent massage; highly recommend this practitioner.
Best massage ever! Thank you so much for making my day! Very very relaxing and just what I needed. I have been looking for the best massage and I have found it!
Megan Mulhern
Best massage ever!! I'm definitely going to add a monthly massage w you into my monthly health and well being routine. You got out all the knots and relieved the stiffness and soreness from working out. I'm ready for the mud run next wk. Thank you!!!
Bliss That really sums it up!!
Consistently excellent! Dustin is very knowledgeable, and knows exactly what to do to relieve troubled areas.
Dustin is amazing Dustin gives the best massages hands down! I walk out feeling relaxed, and rejuvenated! I highly recommend him.
Dustin is the best! I have been getting massages for many years and Dustin by far has the best hands. He is amazing.
Rhyia Miller
Dustin is the BEST! I have been a client of Dustin's for a year. I will not go to anyone else; and I have been getting deep tissue massages for years. He has the best hands!
efficient and friendly I am a guy and haven't previously gotten routine massages but I might start now. I just did a 30 min back and neck and free tweaking something and feet work and it went great. Dustin is friendly send professional and I highly recommend.
Excellent Dustin is the best,tell everyone I know to schedule with him!
Excellent Excellent Massage A Pro all the way!
Excellent Great massage, definitely felt relief in my neck and shoulders. Dustin was very knowledgeable on muscle anatomy and I will go back to him.
Excellent Massage Dustin is an excellent massage therapist.I go for wellness massages once a month and it has been helpful in maintaining my overall health and stress levels.
Excellent Professional Massage Therapy I came to Dustin after a small car accident that hurt my shoulders and neck. He was very careful to address the problem areas without causing me any pain. I've been going back ever since because Dustin truly knows what he is doing, he is totally professional, and he's also just a genuinely nice person! I always leave his studio feeling much better than I did when I arrived. I can't recommend him enough!
Fantastic I found Dustin thru Groupon, I went for my 60 min massage and he was fantastic. I had a bad headache over the weekend and it's GONE. Nice quiet room, great massage and he's CUTE Too!!! I will be a forever customer.
Fantastic Dustin gives a fantastic massage. I won't go anywhere else now. My back feels 100% better after his treatments.
Feeling better already!! Dustin has the most amazing hands, hands down!! He gets my back to finally relax after his massages. Stretches my back out to the extreme!! Thanks so much for making me feel better again!! You rock!!!
Finally found a masseuse concerned with your individual needs I've been getting massages for yrs now and you usually, kinda, sorta ,get what you want...But with Dustin you get exactly what you ask for and more..Deep tissue massage was superb and his concern with you is wonderful! Thank You Dustin!
First massage with Justin Had a great experience! First time massage with Justin so he took the time to give me a great relaxation massage and at the same time get to know the points on my body that were the most tense. I look forward to another appointment so he can work on some of the problem areas!
Steve B.
Five Star Massage The massage was incrdibly relaxing and was a mini-vacation from the stressors of everyday life. Many thanks.
God's gift This man is definitely gifted. I have been to too many massage therapists who have left me wishing for more. I have not found this with Dustin, he is very in-tune with my aches and pains.
Great! One of the best massages I've ever had!
Greatest Massage Dustin hands down is the best massage therapist around. I have been going to him for my back for about 2 years.... I am very happy with his work. He is very flexible and always works me into his schedule. I highly reccomend him to anyone.
Great hands! I'm a plus size, older gal with rheumatoid arthritis. A visit to Dustin relaxes my muscles and eases a lot of my joint pain. He is a gifted professional.
Great massage yesterday Just woke up from the best sleep I've had in a long time. Thanks, Dustin
Great Results Waited several days before writing this review, as I wanted to see how I felt after a couple of rounds of golf and regular everyday activities. The massage by Dustin was wonderful and, after 5 days, I am still pain free and my lower back is not getting "locked up" on me. Have been to other LMT's without that result, so will be looking forward to the next massage.
Katie LaBonney
Hands Like a Genie! Dustin is awesome! He offers a birthday special priced session and I had to give myself the gift. He is always great to talk to and has always given fantastic, relaxing massages. Highly recommended.
Katie LaBonney
Hands Like a Genie! Dustin is awesome! He offers a birthday special priced session and I had to give myself the gift. He is always great to talk to and has hands like
HEAVEN! wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating. Dustin is incredible!
He knows his stuff! Dustin is the best therapist I've been to for working out the neck, shoulders and back. I highly recommend him.
He knows his stuff! Dustin is the best therapist I've been to for working out the neck, shoulders and back. I highly recommend him.
Denver Transplant
Holy Amazingness! I just moved to town a few weeks ago and can't believe my luck finding Dustin! He is verrrry, verrry talented at what he does and is an all around great guy too! Beautiful space also, good job wife and friend : )
Hot stone bliss! Thank you Dustin for an amazing hot stone massage. This could well be the best massage I've ever had. Can't wait for the next one!
Hot stone massage Wonderful on my arthritic joints
Amanda H
Is it rude to fall asleep on the massage table? Having gotten regular monthly massages for over 25 years, Dustin is the only person that has ever gotten me so relaxed that I fell asleep on the table. He identifies problem spots, works them out and gets the right mixture of relaxation and relief going that you never want to get up again. Thanks again Dustin.
It Doesn't Get Better Than This! Dustin goes right to the trouble spot and melts the stiffness away with hot stones. The muscles just release and the tension is gone. The warmed table and treatment room are impeccably clean. Justin is very knowledgeable and experienced. An excellent massage.
Kate Zephyrhawke
It's all true ... what other reviewers have said. I will add that Dustin radiates steady, calm, peaceful energy. The whole experience felt nourishing, body and soul.
It was a real treat! This was my first massage with Dustin and I enjoyed it a lot. His unique massage technique and amazing hands made it a real treat! Highly recommend and definitely will be back for another session!
JELLO That is how I felt when I left. Definitely one of THE best massages I have had. Would highly recommend to all my friends
Linda L.
Just what I needed! Thank you Dustin for a great 60 minute message. Really helped my upper body issues which were causing severe migraines. Feeling much better! Looking forward to more relief!!
Phil F
Knows what he is doing! Had a 60 minute massage. Have had massages all over the country. Dustin knew just where to push and pull and the correct amount of pressure to use. Clean, inviting massage room and a heated table made it all perfect.
Loved it Loved it, loved it, loved it....
Made my Birthday After hearing several friends rave about amazing Dustin ,I had to finally had see for myself, WOW one of the best massages ever. Also, the salon is very clean. I can't wait to go back in a couple weeks for another wonderful 1hr with Dustin.
Massage This is about the 4th massage I've had with Dustin and he does a fantastic job. The last massage I had I just about fell asleep on the table and barely made it through dinner before going to bed early. He's the best.
Massage by Dustin Dustin is the best massage therapist I have ever been to.He has helped by husband and I tremendously.He is compassionate and has the best hands! His massages are worth every penny!
My Aching Back! Felt amazing after my massage today. I've had tension and aching in my upper back right between the shoulder blades for a few days now. Justin found the tightness immediately and worked on the area. I have had no pain since leaving and the tightness is completely gone. Thanks Dustin!
Toynetta Aikens
My first professional massage This was my first professional massage and Dustin was amazing. I will be a repeat customer. Thank you for relaxing me.
Len Fratangelo
One of the Best Dustin is one of the best massage therapist I have been to. Being a massage therapist myself, and getting massage very often, Dustin has strong caring hands, and knows what he's doing. When you get off his table you know that you got a great massage, unlike the majority of massage therapists. I go to Dustin regularly and will continue to do so. Thank you Dustin.
Barry Case
One of the best I have ever had... I have been seeing a massage therapist for 9 years on a regular basis. Dustin is the best of them all!
Linda Louis
Outstanding! I have a lot of pain due to having Fibromyalgia and participate in a body demanding workout regimen. Dustin is beyond what words can express in his messages. He knows exactly what parts to focus on and takes care of my ailments. If I could I would get a message from him twice per week! You will be in excellent hands with Dustin. Do not go anywhere else!
Perfect Massage I had my first massage with Dustin and it was such a relaxing, luxurious experience. He goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and applied the perfect balance of pressure to both relax you and relieve tension. I intend to schedule with Dustin again and I would highly recommend him.
Professional Will continue to stay balanced with the magic hands of Dustin
professional, customized, thorough and talented I am NOT a massage fanatic but I've had a few over the last few years and my one hour massage with Dustin was absolutely wonderful. The overall composition of the massage was very well done and made me feel like I got a lot of work done within a relatively small amount of time, and I love that he started with a scalp massage, which is one of my favorite things. Dustin was able to address my problem areas well still delivering an overall relaxing massage.I will definitely be back because of not only the professional environment and a great massage but because I truly feel that Dustin listened to my problems and went above and beyond in delivering an excellent massage.
P Wallace
Professional, knowledgeable and compassionate! I have been to several therapists in this area and just had my first massage with Dustin. He listened to what I was looking for in a massage and he delivered. The atmosphere was so comfortable and relaxing. He has an amazing knowledge of muscle and connective tissue and still has the art of calming and relaxation. To me, this is the perfect combination. Before leaving I booked an appointment for my daughter and one for myself next week.
Relaxation and Revitalization Have not given in and gotten a massage in a long time. Very glad to have chosen Dustin for my welcome back. Had me drifting off just enough and would bring me back with just pressure on the next area. Very soothing environment and very intuitive hands. I highly recommend Dustin, his services and his convenient location.
So awesome Once again you got me to relax. I hated having to miss the last few weeks. But so glad I was able to make it tonight. Thanks for always doing an awesome job and listening to all my woes. You are the best
SO AWESOME and PROFESSIONAL..I DIDN'T WANT TO GET OFF THE TABLE!! Dustin, it was so nice meeting you today. It's great working w/someone who listens, is knowledgeable & works on the areas you most need taken care of. Dustin I really appreciated your technique, the conversation & the perfect pressure you used on me. I don't neck has more flexibility, & just after one session w/U...I feel very comfortable! THANK YOU... I will be back :-))))
So unbelievably awesome!!! I have been going to Dustin for a couple years now. I have never had such amazing massage therapist as Dustin. First, he talks to me about what's going on in my life to get all the stress that is bottled up in me out and then he gets to work on my totally messed up muscles. I would be a huge mess without him! Thanks again!!!
Superb! Dustin's massage was excellent, as usual. He continues to provide a wonderful service.
Thank you! Just wanted to say thank for yet another wonderful massage. My neck & back feel SO much better and I can't wait to see you again in a couple weeks.
Kathy Stafford
Thank you Dustin! I have been looking for a skilled massage therapist for a while. After my first massage, I scheduled massages with him every other week. I think of it as health care. Dustin has an amazing knowledge of muscle and connective tissue and still has the art of calming and relaxation. To me, this is the perfect combination. I am grateful!
Lisa Roe
Thank You Dustin! Just the right amount of pressure. I don't normally get massaged by men but Dustin is the exception. He is professional and in tune with where to go deep into the muscles. One of the best massages I have had. Next time I will just sign up for 90 minutes.
the best I can finally bend over and put my shoes on Again thank you for such a great job
The best 90 minutes! Dustin - I just wanted to say thank you for a great massage today. It was definitely one of the highlights of my vacation. Your community is lucky to have you as a massage therapist!
The best massage I've ever had I highly recommend Dustin, and since the day I was there I've not stopped telling to all my friends how good it was. Definitely I'm going to visit you again.
Ultimate Bliss By far Dustin gives the best massage I have had in this area in 20 yrs, Hands of gold. You bet I'll be a regular!!
Very Relaxing Thank you Dustin for a wonderful, relaxing massage. Great way to start the weekend. Looking forward to the next time.
Wonderful I first started going to Dustin for relaxation which was wonderful and very peaceful. Dustin's hands are magic and I highly recommend him for relaxation massage and deep tissue.
Wonderful experience Dustin listened to what I was looking for in a massage and he delivered. The atmosphere was so comfortable and relaxing. I will be returning soon!
Amanda Harris
Won't go to anyone else I would never trust my neck to anyone else. It has been almost 3 years that I have been getting Medically required massage from Dustin for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and Highly recommend him to anyone. I referred my mother with multiple disc ruptures and surgeries and who has been getting massage for 30+ years and she attests that he is the best therapist she has ever had.
World Class! Incredible relaxing massage, really the best I have ever experienced, which I told Dustin at the time as I felt fantastic. However, what I was not expecting was that my problematic knee was markedly less painful and swollen the next day - thank you - you are a genius! I should point out that I travel all over the world for work and always try to keep up with massages as they are so helpful for jet lag and generally dealing the stress of work etc. I have to honestly say that Dustin is world class and we are truly lucky to have him in this area.
Wow! After one of the most stressful weeks EVER, I was in serious need of some relaxation. Dustin was amazing. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect massage.